Seagreen Gouldian Project

Lady Gouldians have a variety of beautiful mutations that modify the wild color of the red, orange or black head, purple chest and green back. There are even more color mutations available overseas than there are here in the United States. Fantastic Finches has recently started working with the Seagreen mutation. Not much is know about this mutation. It is though to be a recessive gene and not sex-linked. Some people call it a par-blue as it is thought to work with the blue gene, by modifying it and not letting the blue express fully. As far as we are aware, these are all guesses. Our goal is to work with this color to better understand how it is inherited as well as to see what beautiful mutations can be created. Of course, healthy, quality birds are still the first goal in breeding for this new color.

The Seagreen mutation gives a uniform blue tint to the green back, reduces the intensity of the orange and red head colors and softens the yellow belly coloring of ‘normal’ green back birds. We are using Seagreens and blues to test this new gene. Our Seagreen line is being kept separate from the our other Gouldians until we have a better understanding of this color. We have seen some pictures of how the Seagreen mutation possibly affects colors such as the pastels and we are excited about the possibilities!