Available Finches

This page is kept as up to date as possible with available finches. All birds have completed their first molt and are typically under a year old. We keep close records so that we can give you the hatch date and date of any treatments given. If you are looking for a pair, please let us know so that we can help you match up two unrelated birds from those available. We would be happy to guide you in selecting birds that might meet what you are looking for in terms of show quality type or in producing specific colors.


Shipping possible when purchasing a larger number of birds. Prices vary depending on color mutation and show type. Please email or contact us via Facebook.


Last Updated 4/4/2018:

We are waiting on Green, Yellow, Blue and Silver backs to complete their juvenile molt. We will update with what is available when we they are finished molting. Most of our birds sell before they even get listed. If you are interested in being added to our waiting list, please contact us. Those on our waiting list have priority. Please note that the waiting list below may not be up to date.



Waiting List- For those looking for a specific mutation or wanting us to hold a juvenile until it’s first molt is complete:
  • Dale  (FL)-  RHWBGB pair, BHWBGB male or hen, BH??BB male or hen, RH?YB hen
  • Danese W. (GA)- ??BB hen
  • Cathy (GA)- Three split blue hens
  • Joan (SC)- RHPBGB male, BHPBGB male
  • Larry (FL)- Pair, any color
  • Georgia L. (GA)- SB male, BB hen, BHWBGB
  • Andra (FL)- SB hen
  • Antonia (FL)- Split blues or BB
  • Kevin (FL)- Purple breasted pairs or BB


Here are a selection of finches we have sold in the past. These birds are no longer available, but will give you and idea of the quality and variety of colors we have available.