Breeding Stock

Pictured below is a sample of our adult breeding birds. We select for health, type, parenting ability and color. Our pairs live indoors as part of the household and are used to raising their babies around the commotion of a typical home, including other pets! In order to prevent inbreeding and to have some control over the size and color of our birds, we separate pairs into breeding cages. Juveniles and breeders that are resting or molting get to enjoy their time in much larger flight cages. This resting period is important for the long term health of our adult Gouldians.

We feed a high quality seed. Our birds are also provided free access to Zupreem pellets and crushed eggshell and/or cuttle bone. Several times a week the birds are given fresh greens, perle morbide, egg food and other supplements. All pairs with chicks and any birds molting have access to dried egg food.

You can visit our Facebook page for many more pictures of our birds.

Understanding the color abbreviations:

Gouldians come in many colors, breeders use a two-letter abbreviation system to identify those colors without having to write them out completely every time. The order of the letters is important. It will always be Head Color-Breast Color- Back Color. Here is a chart of the abbreviations to help you know the colors when you look at our pictures:

Head Color Breast Color Back Color Other
BH- black head PB- purple breast GB- green back sf- single factor
(carries one YB gene)
RH- red head LB- lilac breast YB- yellow back /wb- carries the WB gene
OH- orange head WB- white breast BB- blue back /lb- carries the LB gene
SB- silver back /bb- carries the BB gene

For a more in-depth discussion on Gouldian genetics check out: