Fantastic Finches is a joint venture between two hobbyist breeders in North-Central Florida. Their love for these colorful little birds brought these two friends together in an effort to produce healthier and higher quality birds than they were finding available in their area. After spending just a short time working with Gouldians, the friends were hooked on their personalities, the color possibilities and showing the birds.

At Fantastic Finches, we breed Gouldians first and foremost for our own enjoyment. They are our pets, are raised indoors so that we can enjoy the color and song they bring into each of our homes and we enjoy showing them at National Finch and Softbill Society shows throughout the state of Florida. As we are hobby breeders, we don’t raise large quantities of birds, however, we often have Gouldians available for sale. These birds will be listed

as they become available on this website and on our Facebook page.

Any new birds added to the Fantastic Finches flock are quarantined and put through a treatment regimen to be sure that no diseases are brought into our flock. For this reason we do not typically let visitors into our homes to see the birds. We do not like to over medicate our birds, instead breeding for strong and healthy birds. Throughout the year we do treat our flocks for parasites such as Air Sac Mites and other routine treatments.

We are located near Ocala, Florida. We do not ship our birds at this time. However, one or both us frequently travel to the Orlando, Tampa, Brooksville and Gainesville areas frequently and could possibly meet you in one of these cities. If you would like to buy a bird or birds from us and can not pick it up right away, we are typically willing to hold the bird for short periods of time with a deposit. We accept cash or Paypal.